Energy storage system


YAD propose the optimal energy management system with inverter application technology essential for current needs such as effective utilization of renewable energy and energy saving solutions to counter global warming.

●High-performance energy storage system to utilize the renewable energy such as solar power generation
●Drive system for electrical propulsion ship with less strain on environment
●Drive system utilizing the regenerated energy


Energy storage system (YS-I-ENECOS-P)

YS-I-ENECOS-P is the high-capacity stationary energy storage system for general industries to realize effective utilization of renewable energy, emergency power backup and peak-cut.

  1. Effective for maxium utilization of renewable energy such as solar power.
  2. Cooperates with renewable energy such as solar power to secure power for emergency.
  3. Effective for power peak-cut and power levelling by optimal charge and discharge control
  4. Charging and discharging control via energy management system (EMS) is available with various communication interface option
  5. Compatible with IoT (Internet of Things); remote monitoring, data accumulation and demand monitoring.
  6. Secure, stable, safe and clean power supply.



  1. Portfolio
     Three-phase power supply, three-phase three-wire system
     AC 200/400v bidirectional converter power supply system
     (extensible to max. of 500kWh)
  2. Safe and long operating life batteries
     Lithium ion battery compliant with global standard such as IEC and UL.
     Long-life capacity retention rate: 80% with 10,000 cycle*.
     (*Expectation rate with ambient temperature of 25℃)
  3. Compact BOX
     Compact panel with minimum devices, simple circuit configuration and high density lithium ion batteries .Outdoor installation type is also available.
  4. ●container type

    ●central office type

    コンテナタイプ 局舎タイプ
  5. Condition monitoring and easy operation
     Operation monitoring and easy operation with touch panel
     Compatible with IoT; visualized remote monitoring and external demand monitoring via internet line made possible (optional)

●Touch panel

●Remote monitoring

タッチパネル 遠隔モニタ

Example of use (1)

Purpose: Reduction of the electrical cost → YAD's additional proposal: Securing power back up for emergency

  • Normal time
    Suppressing the maximum power supply with peak-cut function
  • In blackout (in emergency)
    Supplying the emergency power to specified load by self-sustaining operation


Example of use (2)

Purpose: Securing power backup for emergency + utilization of renewable energy< → YAD's additional proposal: Reduction of the electric cost + Reduction of CO2 consumption

  • Normal

    Solar power to be used for general load

    Surplus power to be charged in storage battery and used for night-time power supply
  • In blackout (in emergency)

    Supplying emergency power to selected load by self-sustained storage battery

    Utilizing solar power as emergency power via cooperation with PCS (photovoltaic power conditioner system)

    Charging storage battery with power by photovoltaic generation


Energy regeneration system

Energy-saving is possible by returning the regenerated energy to the power supply device.

●Engine testing system

Reducing the energy consumption for testing by circulating and withdrawing the generated energy by engine

Hybrid cranes

●Hybrid cranes

Effectively utilizing load energy and reducing the engine capacity / amount of consumption

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