Film materials vary widely from liquid crystal film which requires high-functional film, to those for batteries, separators and packaging. Along with stable production, drive systems for high-precision and high-performance, energy-efficient electrical components and functions such as safety circuits are required.
To meet these requirements, YAD provides total engineering based on many years' expertise, from high-precision and high-resolution drive systems, energy-efficiency drive systems to duplexed PLC, safe PLC, EI (Electronic Instrument) integrated systems, remote monitoring systems and maintenance.


  1. Optimal systems proposal according to purpose of facilities, scales and required control functions
  2. Drive technologies for extruder, high-precision roll (high resolution draw) control, high-precision unwinding/winding control
  3. High-efficiency and high-precision drive systems with IPM motors and high-resolution inverters
  4. High-reliability system standardized with soft package
  5. Drive systems realizing the energy-saving, cost-saving and space-saving.
  6. Monitoring and abnormality analysis by collecting the high speed data, preventive maintenance by vibration analysis and remote maintenance.
  7. Safety circuit (emergency stop circuit, safety sequence) using safety PLCs
  8. Conformity to overseas standards (European Standard (CE marking), UL standard (Europe and America))
  9. EI (Electronic, Instrument) system

System diagram

We offer optimal systems combining Yaskawa and partner products flexibly.


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