Corporate Profile / History


Corporate name Yaskawa Automation & Drives Corp.
Headquarters 2-13-1 Nishimiyaichi, Yukuhashi-city, Fukuoka 824-8511 Japan
Foundation Founded: November 1st 2018
Business Design, manufacturing, sales, service and training for automation and drives equipment
Number of employees Approx. 550
Capital 2.125 billion yen
Shareholders Yaskawa Electric Corporation 100%
President and CEO Jiro Nakagawa
Certificate Standard: ISO9001 (Certificate No.: 01 100 1326633)
Certification holder: Engineering & Technology Div.


April 21 1999 The industrial system group of Yaskawa Electric Corporation established Yaskawa System Engineering Corporation.
October 1 1999 Yaskawa Electric Corporation and Siemens AG together established Yaskawa Siemens Automation & Drives Corp. as an engineering company for industrial applications
November 1 2018 Yaskawa Siemens Automation & Drives Corp. changed its name to Yaskawa Automation & Drives Corp. and commenced operation as a 100% subsidiary of Yaskawa Electric Corporation
March 1 2019 Yaskawa Automation & Drives Corp. has succeeded to the steel plant business from Yaskawa Electric Corporation and the general-purpose motor business from Yaskawa Motor Corporation