Corporate Profile / History


Corporate name Yaskawa Automation & Drives Corp.
Headquarters 2-13-1 Nishimiyaichi, Yukuhashi-city, Fukuoka 824-8511 Japan
Foundation Founded: November 1st 2018
Business Development, design, manufacturing, sales and service for automation and drives system, machinery, equipment and facility
Number of employees Approx. 700
Capital 2.125 billion yen
Shareholders Yaskawa Electric Corporation 100%
President and CEO Jiro Nakagawa
Certificate Standard: ISO9001 (Certificate No.: 01 100 1326633)
Certification holder: Engineering & Technology Div.


April 21 1999 The industrial system group of Yaskawa Electric Corporation established Yaskawa System Engineering Corporation.
October 1 1999 Yaskawa Electric Corporation and Siemens AG together established Yaskawa Siemens Automation & Drives Corp. as an engineering company for industrial applications
November 1 2018 Yaskawa Siemens Automation & Drives Corp. changed its name to Yaskawa Automation & Drives Corp. and commenced operation as a 100% subsidiary of Yaskawa Electric Corporation
March 1 2019 Yaskawa Automation & Drives Corp. has succeeded to the steel plant business from Yaskawa Electric Corporation and the general-purpose motor business from Yaskawa Motor Corporation