Iron & Steel

For iron and steel plants, Yaskawa offers optical control systems for various kinds of equipment, such as blast furnace facilities, continuous casting facilities, rolling equipment, and processing lines both inside and outside Japan. These systems contribute to stable continuous operation by virtue of their high reliability.
Yaskawa is using its drive technology to actively address the challenges of energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions at iron and steel facilities.

Iron and Steel Systems

  • Unloader

    Unloads the iron ore or coal that was delivered by a raw material ship.

  • Material Yard

    The unloaded raw materials are transported by conveyor and piled into separate hills.

  • Sintering Plant

    The fine iron ore cannot be introduced directly into the blast furnace. Sintering converts and compacts the iron ore into large particles.

  • Coke Oven

    Heats coal to produce coke.

  • Cokes Dry Quenching

    Coke is steamed and then cooled with nitrogen. The heat withdrawn is then vaporized and sent to the furnace.

  • Blast Furnace

    The iron ore and coke are charged into the furnace in layers and the iron ore is melted by a hot blast of about 1,600°C to produce pig iron.

  • Ladle

    Pig iron is refined to produce steel (molten steel).

  • Continuous Casting

    Molten steel is cast in molds to produce steel ingots, such as slabs or blooms.

  • Hot Rolling Mill

    The slab is heated about 1000°C and rolled to produce a thin strip. The strip is rolled into a coil.
    Similarly, products such as H-beams or steel sheet piles can be produced from blooms and products such as wire rods can be produced from billets.

  • Cold Rolling Mill

    The coiled strip can be cold-rolled to produce a strip.

  • Automatic Crane

    The coil is automatically transported by a wide range of equipment.

  • Metal Processing Line

    Processing, such as plating, annealing, or coating, is performed on the steel sheet.

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