Pulp and Paper

Pulp and paper facilities require specials functions and controls specific to each parts of production lines. Electric control is required to integrate those functions and controls and maximize equipment's performance.
To realize customers' needs, YAD offers wide range of solutions based on the many years of expertise from cutting-edge system to reasonably priced drive systems utilizing general purpose products, systems to enable long-term stable production with quick recovery and reduced maintenance and after-service that will ensure comfortable utilization.
In addition, we offer technical consulting for replacement of deteriorated electrical equipment and retrofit with energy saving solutions.


  1. Optimized solution for each facilities and scales from auxiliary machinery for stock preparation, line drives to process lines.
  2. High-reliability systems standardized with soft package
  3. Drive systems realizing the energy-saving, cost-saving and space-saving.
  4. Monitoring and abnormality analysis by collecting the high speed data, preventive maintenance by vibration analysis and remote maintenance.
  5. Support for comprehensive retrofit including electric work

System diagram

System diagram

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