Rubber and Tire

For rubber & tires production facilities, YAD provide system solutions realizing the demands for each process, such as mixing, extruding, cutting and casting.
We provide not only systems for calendar and conveyor, but also single-drive solution for banbury mixer, tread extruder, servo drives for casting.
In addition, we propose optimal solutions with wide range of products complying with various overseas standards as a reliable partner for customers advancing into overseas markets.


  1. Wide range of products: from LV/HV inverter to servo motors
  2. System with general-purpose equipment
  3. Drive systems realizing the energy-saving, cost-saving and space-saving.
  4. Preventive maintenance by vibration analysis
  5. Wide range of products complying with overseas standards for overseas plants
  6. Water-cooled IPM contributing to improve plant environment and the extension of motors' lifetime.

System diagram

We offer optimal systems combining Yaskawa and partner products flexibly.


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