YAD offers optimal solutions for wide range of applications for facilities such as synthetic fiber machinery, synthetic leather machinery, non-woven fabric machinery and carbon fiber machinery.
We propose various systems from integrated system including EI (Electronic, Instrument) integrated system and production control system to small-scale system with single drive.
We also support quick start of synthetic fiber machineries with high-reliability software specially packaged with controls specific to those machines.


  1. Controls and technologies best suited for the facilities' demand
    (Temperature control for extruder, control of textile process, failure diagnosis, sectional high-precision synchronous control by synchronous induction motor, control of winder and traverse, ultra-high-speed winding control (speed control, tension control), diameter operation control, automatic rewinding control)
  2. Countermeasures for momentary power interruption
    (Restart after power restoration, continuous operating during the momentary power interruption (backup power circuit), synchronous control for entire production line (KEB control))
  3. Drive systems realizing the energy-saving, cost-saving and space-saving.
  4. Monitoring and abnormality analysis by collecting the high speed data, preventive maintenance by vibration analysis.
  5. Conformity to overseas standards (European Standard (CE marking), UL standard (Europe and America))
  6. EI (Electronic, Instrument) system

System diagram

We offer optimal systems combining Yaskawa and partner products flexibly.


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